What is the BEST 3D Software?

  • 2018-06-20 08:35 AM
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Let's talk about the 5 main 3D programs out there: Maya, Houdini, 3dsMax, Cinema 4D and Blender! Hopefully this video will help you figure out what is best for you!

What is THE BEST 3D Software?
What 3D programs are used in the VFX industry?
What should YOU learn?


  • The main software used in the VFX industry. Powerful animation capabilities and scripting tools


  • The new player in the VFX industry. Complex, but powerful procedural 3D software application. Used for destruction, smoke, explosions and organic effects, e.g. disintegration and energy effects.

Cinema 4D

  • Learn this program if you want to create title animations and motion graphics. Great for abstract 3D animations and clean looking renders.


  • Learn this program if you want to work in the architecture, product design or engineering space.


  • Amazing FREE 3D application. Great for beginners and pros, but not widely used in the VFX industry. IMO, the BEST program if you just work freelance or want to work in indie games or make fun YouTube videos!

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