Why Go Is Perfect For DevOps

Why Go Is Perfect For DevOps
Why Go Is Perfect For DevOps

Go is an excellent open source multiplatform language for doing cross-platform development which is ideal for ops tools. If you target multi-platform, multi-architecture environments, come learn how Go enables you to write once and run anywhere. No more need for kludgy shell scripts! This talk will cover the built in features of Golang that make it possible to write your code on one platform and seamlessly deliver it to many different operating systems and architectures. As a devops engineer I have tools and services that need to support multiple operating systems running on different CPU architectures. You will learn the specific ways to generate *bsd-386 binaries on Windows-x64, android-arm binaries on Linux-ppc and all combinations in between. I’ll also be covering coding techniques to keep this manageable and libraries that support you in things like file system navigation.

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