Python Game Tutorial: Pong

  • 2018-12-20 01:24 AM
  • 402

A Pong clone game tutorial for beginners using Python 3.

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⭐️Course contents ⭐️
⌨️ (00:00) Part I: Introduction and the basic window setup
⌨️ (03:32) Part II: Add game objects to the screen (Paddles and Ball)
⌨️ (09:15) Part III: Moving the Paddles
⌨️ (15:06) Part IV: Moving the ball
⌨️ (24:10) Part V: Colliding with the Paddles
⌨️ (30:47) Part VI: Scoring
⌨️ (37:57) Part VII: Adding Sound

🔈 Sound file:
💻 Finished Code:
Tutorial from Christian Thompson. Check out his YouTube channel:

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