Introduction to Data Science

  • 2018-03-24 01:59 PM
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Introduction to Data Science

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Have you ever wondered what data science is? Or how to become a data scientist? Join PhD Mike Hannon from Coding Dojo, who has quite a bit of real-life experience working in the field and has spent a lot of time thinking about how to work with large amounts of data.

Start with an introductory look at the field of data science, including an overview of data organization, data visualization, and data analysis. Explore the basic tools and how they’re used. Learn what it takes to become a data scientist, and see a demonstration on how Excel supports the art of data analytics. Plus, find out where to go from here.
1 | What is data science?
Examine the science behind data analytics and the foundational components of data science.
2 | Data Organization
Learn about data organization.
3 | Data Visualization
Learn about data visualization.
4 | Data Analysis
Learn about data analysis.
5 | Becoming a Data Scientist
Learn about becoming a data scientist.
6 | Using Excel to Support Data Analytics
Watch a demonstration that shows how Excel supports the art of data analytics.
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