Angular 8 Tutorial - What's New in Angular 8 - Learn Angular from Scratch

Angular 8 Tutorial - What's New in Angular 8 - Learn Angular from Scratch
You will Learn Angular concepts from scratch this tutorial. We have given assignments to solve after each section which will further help set your concepts in stone.

The following topics have been covered in this Angular 8 tutorial for Beginners:
6:32 What is Angular?
12:58 What’s new in Angular 8?
16:45 Project Setup
20:57 Writing our First App
36:18 What is TypeScript
37:41 Integrating External CSS
47:41 Components
1:03:30 Assignment 1
1:10:22 Data Binding
1:29:11 Assignment 2
1:38:20 Directive
1:40:00 Using Built-In directives
1:52:35 Assignment 3

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