JavaScript for Experienced Developers

  • 2018-03-24 01:53 PM
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JavaScript for Experienced Developers

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Are you a C#, C++, or Java Developer interested in adding JavaScript to your toolbox? You may have noticed that JavaScript can be just different enough to be confusing! Wonder how to create an object, classes, or inheritance? Or want advanced topics, like how to manage asynchronous operations?

If you’ve learned the basics of JavaScript and are looking to take your skills to the next level, join experts Christopher Harrison and Gabrielle Crevecoeur as they share best practices. Learn how to limit global variable declarations, see where to find cool add-ins to further enhance your applications, and explore some common libraries, like jQuery and RequireJS.

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1 | Getting Started with JavaScript
Learn the basics of JavaScript. See how to get started with the language, learn about variable scopes, and find out how to create functions and enclosures. Plus, get an introduction to jQuery.
2 | Object-Oriented Programming in JavaScript
JavaScript is an object-oriented language, but it handles objects. Take a look at how objects work in JavaScript, and see how to use prototypes and inheritance.
3 | Web Workers
JavaScript doesn’t natively support threading or asynchronous development. Find out how you can incorporate asynchronous development through the use of web workers and jQuery promises.
4 | Server Communications
There are several ways to communicate with the server from the browser. Explore two of them, using the XML Http Request Object and jQuery Ajax calls.
5 | JavaScript Libraries
JavaScript has a wonderful community. Wrap up the course with a look at some of the most common libraries, and see where you can find new libraries.

Learn about variable scopes, functions, and enclosures.
Find out how objects work, and learn how to use prototypes and inheritance.
Take a look at asynchronous programming.
Explore server-side calls.
Look at common libraries, and explore next steps.

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