Getting started with Vuejs for Beginners

Getting started with Vuejs for Beginners
Vue.js is a javascript framework for beginners to professionals, basic to advance with detailed explanations.

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You will learn the awesome of VueJS, it’s uniqueness, and why you will prefer it over other frameworks

In this video you will learn VueJS step by step as we cover:

  • Understanding the basic VueJS concepts like Components, Templates, properties
  • Working with Templates, data binding and event handling
  • Validating forms using vee-validate plugin
  • Building Single page application
  • Building multiple pages application
  • Routing
  • Making HTTP requests and integrating with PHP backend
  • Data filtering
  • Setting project to production
  • And many more

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn VueJS
  • Anyone who wants to build industry based application using javascript framework

Video source via: Femi Ibiwoye & Afridemy



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