Database modeling with Golang & PostgreSQL

Database modeling with Golang & PostgreSQL
Database modeling with Golang & PostgreSQL. Learn how to do all DBMS directly from golang to postgresql

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Golang OR Go Programming language is modern programming language specialized in building server side applications.

Postgresql is world’s most popular open source database management system.

Both are one of the best technologies to build server side modern applications.

So, In this course i will try to give introduction how you guys can use these both technologies togather to build robust backend services.

Remark: This series contains just golang and postgresql integration and workings, it doesn’t contain how to build REST apis.

What are the requirements?


What am I going to get from this course?

People will learn how to connect to postgresql using golang and how to do DBMS directly from golang.

What is the target audience?

People with knowledge of golang and postgresql and who wants to build database oriented services in golang and postgresql.

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