Postman Tutorial | Postman Crash Course for Beginners | Learn API Testing using Postman

Postman Tutorial | Postman Crash Course for Beginners | Learn API Testing using Postman
A Postman tutorial walking you through the most important steps inside the Postman App. Begin writing API tests now!

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Rest api testing using Postman tool

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RESTful APIs are everywhere nowadays but at the same time they are getting more complex to get started with: different HTTP methods, headers, cookies, dealing with file uploads or authentication with api keys, tokens, OAuth and so much more.

But before you start investing time writing code to retrieve the data the API is offering, why not test the request first to make sure everything is working as expected?

This is where the Postman App comes in! Postman allows you very quickly create a request with the required HTTP method and parameters, submit the request and easily inspect the results.

Postman can help if you are developing APIs as well! I have created this course for testing engineers and well as for software developers. Postman can help you during the development of your API as well as after the API is completed, by running tests that make sure your API is still working as intended.

In this Postman crash course for beginners, we will start exploring the features of Postman, creating request and building simple workflows. Then we will continue by writing API tests and automatically running a Postman collection by using the Postman Collection Runner.

So let’s look at what you are going to learn:

  • Start with simple requests and advance towards more complex scenarios

  • Learn to deal with authentication (example using Bearer token)

  • Start writing API tests

  • Organize tests in collections and share them with your team

  • Run API tests using the collection runner

Video source via: Valentin Despa



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