CSS Flexbox Course

CSS Flexbox Course
Flexbox gives you all the tools you needed in order to properly arrange content inside flexible containers. Given that all websites need to be flexbile and responsive these days, Flexbox is a must-have skill for web developers.

Once you’ve learned Flexbox, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to build websites without it. This course gets you up to speed as quickly as possible. You can take the interactive version of the course here: https://scrimba.com/g/gflexbox

The course contains the following:

  • Your first Flexbox layout
  • Main axis and cross axis
  • Justify Content
  • Positioning items
  • The flex property
  • Align items
  • Flex direction column
  • Wrapping
  • Flex grow, shrink
  • Order
  • Creating a responsive Navbar
  • Creating a Flexbox image grid

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