JavaScript Tutorial - Async/Await

JavaScript Tutorial - Async/Await
This is an in-depth look at the Async/Await feature in JavaScript.

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First, we’re going to go through brief history of asynchronous programming in JavaScript and see how it transitioned from callbacks to promises to generators and to finally Async/Await.

Then we’re going to focus purely on Async/Await and we’ll go through a bunch of examples.

We’ll start off by learning how we can do sequential flow using Async/Await and we’ll also see how we need to be careful about error handling.

Next, we’ll move onto parallel execution. We’ll see how we can use Promise.all() function to be able to execute multiple promises in parallel. Again, we’ll see why we need to be careful about our error handling.

Last but not least, we’ll take a look at how we can do iterations with Async/Await. We’ll start off with for loop, then move onto forEach, for of loop is going to be next and finally we’ll wrap that section with while loop.

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At the end, we’ll do a quick recap of the things we just went through.

⭐️Contents ⭐️
⌨️ 0:00 - Introduction
⌨️ 1:28 - Callbacks Example
⌨️ 6:44 - Promises Example
⌨️ 9:40 - Async/Await Example
⌨️ 13:18 - Coding Examples Begin
⌨️ 14:09 - Sequential Example (Naive)
⌨️ 19:27 - Sequential Example (Issue)
⌨️ 21:18 - Sequential Example (Solution)
⌨️ 23:48 - Parallel Example (Naive)
⌨️ 27:21 - Parallel Example (Issue)
⌨️ 28:58 - Parallel Example (Solution)
⌨️ 31:55 - For Loop Example
⌨️ 36:49 - ForEach Example
⌨️ 40:06 - For-Of Example
⌨️ 42:06 - While Loop Example
⌨️ 44:03 - Recap

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