Javascript Tutorial for Beginners | Computer Science Courses | Learn JavaScript Programming | Part 2

  • 2018-11-24 08:06 AM
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Learn the very basics of how to program a computer with JavaScript - 0 experience required.

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Programming a computer isn’t simple, but I really believe that struggling with something is the best way to get a great learning experience out of it. In this course, I hand-hold through much of the learning process, making sure that students have the best chance possible in understanding the concepts I cover. Together, we’ll go through applied examples of each fundamental programming concept discussed. Afterwards, I’ll allow you to solve problems alone, with detailed video explanations of how I would approach the problem provided.

Topics covered include (but aren’t limited to):

  • JavaScript

  • problem solving and logical thinking

  • asking the internet for help

  • command prompt (Windows) and terminal (Mac)

  • Node and NPM basics

  • printing and output

  • error debugging

  • object types

  • strings

  • variables and constants

  • loops

  • conditionals

  • functions

  • recursion

  • dynamic programming

  • objects

  • dictionaries, maps, or hash tables

  • arrays

  • numbers

  • math and mathematical operations

  • boolean logic

  • data structures

  • algorithms

  • object oriented programming (OOP) or classes

Who is the target audience?

  • Anybody of any age who doesn’t know how to code/program but wants to learn how
  • College students taking computer science 101 courses
  • People interested in coding bootcamps who have never coded in their life
  • Someone interested in learning the very basics of one of the hottest programming languages: JavaScript

Video source via: Zach Freedman