iOS12 Chat, Learn Swift 4.2, build iOS 12 Chat Application

iOS12 Chat, Learn Swift 4.2, build iOS 12 Chat Application
Firebase Firestore real time Chat on iOS 12 and swift 4, iOS push notifications, CallKit, Firebase Database Call App

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NOTE: This is demo (short version) of the course containing around 30% of all course. We provide it free and if you like, you can enrol in the full version.

In iOS12 Chat App we are going to build real world iOS application. And when I say real world, I mean you can use this App every day, communicate with friends and family!

Unlike any other courses found on Udemy, I always teach full real world apps, when we finish with the course, you are going to have an app ready to post to AppStore. This iOS12 Chat Application can easily replace your native iOS chat app or WhatsApp. It will have all functions that WhatsApp provides.

What our app will include:

  • One on one chat

  • Group chat

  • Multimedia messages (Photo, Video, Audio, Location)

  • Fully end to end encryption

  • Push Notifications

  • Call function

  • CallKit

  • PushKit

  • Firebase users Authentication

  • Firebase storage

  • Firebase firestore (new real time database from firebase)

  • Phone number authentication

  • Custom uicollection views

  • Custom UITableviews

  • OneSignal

  • Sinch

  • Git Source control

  • the app covers many more topics its impossible to include all of them here

This iOS12 Chat App is NOT beginner level course. You need to know your way around the xCode, be familiar with it, you have to have basic knowledge in Swift and application building. We are going to start from scratch and build the application together. All assets will be provided by me. I will type and explain every line of code. the course is around 35 hours long. And by the time we finish, you will learn a lot of new things even if you are experienced iOS developer.

The curse will teach you how to write clean code, structure your app development, so even if you get back to your code in few years, you can read and understand it clearly.

We are also proud to say that we have one of the best Support available on Udemy! Our Q/A Section is constantly monitored and all questions are answered within few hours, Sometimes we even chat with students in real time to help them with the issues they may face during the study.

Don’t waste your time on low quality courses where you don’t even get support of the instructor

Your time is precious. We offer the best video courses with carefully crafted content, we are learning by coding!

What is the target audience?

  • If you are intermediate iOS developer and want to take your skills to next level of real world app development

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