Game Engine API Design

  • 2019-03-19 12:58 AM
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Game Engine API Design

Recent C++ standards have given us amazing tools for building easy to use and intuitive APIs. Despite this, C++ is still considered to be “too difficult” and “too complex.” While that’s a fairly subjective matter, the results are clear: new developers are reaching for technology perceived as easier to use/learn. In the world of game development we’ve seen a sharp rise in usage of software considered more approachable. Those approachable tools have contributed immensely to creating the thriving indie game development scene that exists today. With all the new tools C++ programmers have, it should be possible to build a game engine as approachable as the ones using other languages. This talk seeks to explore that space.
A game engine’s API can be very insightful into how it works. We will examine some design choices made by major players in the game engine space to understand how they work and where the industry is heading. From there we will look at how those interfaces can be built in C++, as well as how the features added in recent standards can be used to create even better interfaces.

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