Python Tutorial for Beginners - Crash Course 2019 | Build a Game with Python

  • 2019-03-11 11:19 PM
  • 280

Learn Python from scratch by building a game in this beginner's course - no prior knowledge is required in this Python tutorial!

Install Python 3:
Download Visual Studio Code:
Get Started with Python in VS Code:

Project Structure: 00:51
Topics Covered: 03:08
Getting Started: 04:44
Variables: 06:00
Data Types: 07:10
print(): 09:43
Lists: 11:45
type(): 13:10
Dictionaries: 16:28
input(): 21:42
IF Statements: 22:35
WHILE Loops: 32:38
Booleans: 33:54
Operators: 37:10
pass: 41:00
String Concatenation: 55:20
Imports: 01:08:50
randint(): 01:11:05
Functions: 01:15:05
return: 01:19:50
Arguments & Parameters: 01:21:29
f-strings: 01:29:40
append(): 01:38:40
FOR Loops: 01:44:10

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