Getting Started with Node.js - Full Tutorial

Getting Started with Node.js - Full Tutorial
Learn the fundamentals of the very popular Node.js runtime and get comfortable writing JavaScirpt code for Node.js.

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
⌨️ (0:03:24) Getting Node
⌨️ (0:06:02) What is Node? What is V8? What’s a REPL?
⌨️ (0:15:44) Node’s CLI and process environment
⌨️ (0:22:37) Executing files with Node
⌨️ (0:27:15) Modules wrapping and exports/require
⌨️ (0:37:50) Modules caching and APIs
⌨️ (0:43:32) ECMAScript modules in Node
⌨️ (0:51:15) Using Node/npm packages
⌨️ (0:57:34) Publishing packages
⌨️ (1:02:33) Cleanup and global modules
⌨️ (1:05:30) package.json scripts, npx, and prod/dev dependencies
⌨️ (1:16:47) Creating a web server with built-in http
⌨️ (1:30:47) Creating a web server with express
⌨️ (1:34:14) Require vs import vs import()
⌨️ (1:38:13) Watching files for change in development
⌨️ (1:41:12) Callbacks and promises
⌨️ (1:58:17) Events and streams
⌨️ (2:08:45) Clusters and PM2
⌨️ (2:11:27) Other core libraries in Node
⌨️ (2:14:21) Debugging Node applications
⌨️ (2:19:13) Modern JavaScript review
⌨️ (2:23:19) What’s next?

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