Introduction to NuxtJS - Nested and dynamic pages, layouts, asyncData + axios, meta tags, and VueX

  • 2019-10-22 01:33 AM
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NuxtJS is a framework built on top of VueJS. The biggest benefits you get out of the box are server-side rendering and automatic code splitting. You also get many common Vue libraries built in, pulled together with a conventional folder structure in order to reduce boilerplate.

This video only scratches the surface of what Nuxt can do, but it does cover most of the major features and goes farther than the other free tutorials I’ve found.

0:00 Start
2:57 Why Nuxt?
7:02 Installation
11:33 Project Structure
17:26 Pages and Routing
29:58 Navbar and Layouts
39:40 axios and asyncData
49:00 Meta tags
56:09 VueX and fetch
1:05:25 Review

Github Links:

Serve on port 8000:
Pages and Routes:
Navbar + Layouts:
Axios and asyncData:
Head tags and titles:


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