Amazon Web Services Training

Amazon Web Services Training
Full course / tutorial about AWS. Learn how to do common tasks: -Create an AWS EC2 WordPress Web server; -Launch and connect to an AWS RDS relational database server; -Create a highly available and fault tolerant back-end for NodeJS applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk; -Store and retrieve files from AWS S3; -Send email with AWS SES; and -Create Alarms with AWS CloudWatch.

Learn Amazon Web Services Online

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2018

AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2018

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate 2018

Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS) 2018 - All 4 Certs!

AWS Serverless APIs & Apps - A Complete Introduction

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (2019)


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2018

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services Tutorial

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Web Services API Tutorial for Beginners | Learn Web Services (SOAP and REST) from Scratch

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate