Getting Started with Kubernetes

Getting Started with Kubernetes
Getting Started with Kubernetes. Learn basics of Container Orchestration Engine and Kubernetes to get start into the world of Kubernetes. This course will help you get start with understanding the basics of Kubernetes at a very high-level.

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What you’ll learn
Kubernetes basics.
Next, we will understand why we need a good Container Orchestration Engine and see why Kubernetes is your go-to option
Then, we will build and administer production grade Kubernetes clusters on-the-go, on-cloud and as well as locally on your laptop
After that, you will get in depth understanding of what are Pods, how do they connect and communicate and finally will show you how to write Pod manifest file and deploy it on Kubernetes
Then, we will go through managing application protection and high-availability using ReplicaSet, ReplicationController, and DaemonSet,
Finally, using nodePort Service, I will show you how to expose applications on to the internet using NodePort service.

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