Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • 2018-07-09 08:30 AM
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In this introduction to Cloud Computing, we answer the key question “What is the cloud?” With a solid, standards based approach and examples from the real word, we look at all the definitions that come together to mean cloud.

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Welcome to the Cloud… now, what is it?

“There is no such thing as ‘the cloud,’ it’s just somebody else’s computer” – Did you ever hear that one?I have, and it’s what prompted me to create this course!

After this course you will have the foundation you need to launch into a career using cloud, to spearhead the cloud initiative within your organisation, or simply hold your own in that infuriating water cooler conversation with Simon the datacentre manager about how “there is no such things as ‘the cloud’”.

Using a web browser and an electronic blackboard my style is to talk and draw.There are no technical prerequisites so, let’s get going….
Who is the target audience?

  • This introduction to Cloud Computing will help anyone who is in, or getting into professional IT.
  • Developers, Architects, Operational, Managers, CIO’s: this course is for you all.
  • If you have previous experience of the cloud, you might learn something about the broadness of the topic.

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