4 Reason Google Apps  are best suited for programmers

4 Reason Google Apps are best suited for programmers

  • 2016-09-17
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Google Apps for work is the professional email solution for business. It provides you custom email address, 30 Gb Google drive space that includes Google docs, Google sheet, Google forms etc.

I personally use it to handle the work related to this Blog and I am Google Apps customer for more than a year. So I am in good position to recommend you about Why Google Apps is best suited for programmers like me and you.

Else read the reasons below and decide if it’s worth a shot.

Reason1: Gmail with custom email

We all love Gmail, one of the fast and most used free email service by Google. Google Apps provides the same interface but with custom email.

I know you can create same using the free email services, but you won’t get Gmail with that, and along with Gmail comes along a lot of other things.

Reason 2: Google Drive for collaboration

This was the main reason why I started using Google Apps and paying $5 month to Google. Google drive is amazing service, unlike other cloud storage provider, Google drive consist of Google docs, Google spreadsheet, Google forms and Calendar all linked with Google drive.

So if you are creating any document, it gets stored on Google drive and you can perform the editing any time from anywhere.

I wrote complete Book called **“Sails.js Essentials” **using Google docs and Google drive and this helps me a lot to stay productive.

Plus, Google docs allows you to perform the collaborative editing. Multiple users can perform the editing at the same time.

Reason 3: Google Hangout

If you are a part of a team with various members located across the Globe and want to have optimal one place solution for communication and work, Google hangout is the app for you.

It allows you to do the text, voice and video based chat with your co-worker. Call quality is very google and worth a try.

Reason 4: Pricing

Google Apps pricing is really flexible and cheap. I pay 300 INR a month which is like approx $5 inclusive of all taxes. This is really cheap and worth considering the services it provides.

You can add and remove emails and it will adjust the price accordingly.

I highly recommend Google Apps for every programmer/blogger/marketer out there to give it a try.

If you have any queries, let me know in comments.


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