Python Tutorial - Complete Programming Tutorial for Beginners (2019)

Python Tutorial - Complete Programming Tutorial for Beginners (2019)
Watch this Python tutorial to learn Python programming. If you're a beginner, this programming tutorial is the best place to learn programming.

This Python tutorial covers everything you need to learn Python for machine learning, data science, AI, automation and web development.

If you’re a beginner and want to learn to code from scratch, this video is the ideal programming tutorial for you. Watch this programming tutorial to the end and you’ll learn to code in no time.

If you’re an experienced programmer and just want to learn Python programming, watch this Python tutorial to the end and complete the exercises and projects.

First, we’ll cover all the essential constructs in the Python programming language, and then we’ll build 3 Python projects together. These projects involve:

  • Automation: You’ll write a Python script that can process thousands of Excel spread sheets in less than a second.

  • Machine Learning: You’ll learn to write a Python program that can predict the kind of music people like based on their profile.

  • Web Development: You’ll learn how to build a website with Python and Django - a popular framework for web development.

These projects help you learn Python or just learn programming by doing.

Note that this Python tutorial is entirely about Python 3. If you want to learn Python 2, you’ll need to take a different course.

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