Big Data and Hadoop Framework Tutorial for Beginners

Big Data and Hadoop Framework Tutorial for Beginners
Big Data and Hadoop Framework Tutorial: Data analytics, Apache spark, hive, pig, Data Science, MapReduce, Machine learning, Aws EMR, Azure Machine learning

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Hadoop Administration Tutorial for Beginners

This course is focusing on Big data and Hadoop technologies, hands on demos,

Section 1 - Big data
1.1 Big data introduction
1.2 Big data history
1.3 Big data technologies
1.4 Big data characteristics
1.5 Big data Applications
1.6 Data Lake
1.7 Data Science and Data scientist

Section 2 - Hadoop
2.1 - Hadoop introduction
2.2 - HDFS-Overview
2.3 - Hadoop Architecture
2.3a - Hadoop Architecture - assumptions and goals
2.4 - Demo-Hadoop install - sw download verify integrity
2.5 - Demo-Hadoop install - Java ssh configure
2.6 - Demo hadoop access by browser

Section 3 - Machine Learning
3.1 Machine learning introduction
3.2 Machine learning algorithms
3.3 Machine learning softwares

Module 4 - AWS Machine Learning
4.1 AWS and Machine learning introduction

Below will be added soon.
4.2 Bigdata and aws
4.3 Hadoop on Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (emr)
4.4 What is EMR
4.5 EMR Architecutre
4.6 Demo - launch EMR cluster

2.6 - Hadoop single node cluster setup
2.7 - Hadoop single node - Pseudo-Distributed Operation
2.8 - Hadoop multi node cluster setup
2.9 - MapReduce
2.10 - Azure HDInsight
2.11 - HDFS-Operations
2.12 - Apache Spark and Big data analytics
2.15 - Hadoop, Hive and Pig

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Big data technologies, Data analytics and Hadoop framework

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