npm and the Future of JavaScript

  • 2019-04-11 01:22 AM
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npm and the Future of JavaScript

npm started out as a back-end tool for node.js developers writing server-side applications, but has become the tool of choice for front-end developers writing rich web applications. More than 80% of npm users are writing front-end code! This was a big change, so npm 5 was a big change to meet the needs of this new type of user. Now with npm 6, we’re refining that focus. This talk covers best practices for npm 6, including ways to dramatically improve your build times, how to use our new security features, and talk about what’s coming up for npm. In the second half, I cover what npm knows about JavaScript developers based on our survey of over 16,000 developers, what that means for the future of JavaScript, and the tooling and language choices the data suggests you should make as a developer today.

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