Blockchain cryptocurrency for absolute beginners

Blockchain cryptocurrency for absolute beginners
This course aims at explaining the whole concept to you, this is not a course you wish to put aside because the whole blockchain cryptocurrency sphere is blowing up by the day. People who didn't get to learn about it few months ago are regretting now.

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A complete guide to anyone who wants to really understand what this rave is all about and take advantage.

In 2009 : 1 bitcoin = 2 cents
In 2017 January : 1 bitcoin = $700

Hold on,
In 2017 October (same year) : 1 Bitcoin = $6000

Which means if you had invested 2 cents in 2009, your 2 cents will be now worth $6,000.
Also if you invested $700 in January 2017, by October your $700 would have grown to $6,000 .
So imagine that you invested $1,000 in bitcoin then :)

Like in all my courses, you are 100% sure of coming off this course a much wiser in these new technologies and equipped at making financial decisions that will transform your life in few months.

This course will take you from absolute beginner to full understanding the whole cryptocurrency and blockchain concepts. Its a new technology that is just about 8 years old, but just like when the internet first started, it has already made so many common people multi-millionaires.
Who is the target audience?

  • People that wish to understand what the whole cryptocurrency blockchain craze is all about
  • People who have don’t understand much about blockchains, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, mining and so on

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