Python Tutorials for Beginners - Learn Python Online

Python Tutorials for Beginners - Learn Python Online
This video shows you Python applications as well as python salaries. If you’re looking for a programming job to make more money, Python is the best programming language to learn first.

These days everybody is learning Python 3 because it’s the most popular programming language. If you’re looking for a Python course that teaches you the fundamentals of Python, you’ve come to the right place.


00:00:00 What is Python?
00:03:22 Installing Python
00:05:15 Python Interpreter
00:07:12 Code Editors
00:08:32 Your First Python Program
00:12:11 Python Extensions
00:15:04 Linting Python Code
00:19:20 Formatting Python Code
00:23:16 Running Python Code
00:26:17 Quiz
00:28:41 Variables
00:31:48 Variable Names
00:34:52 Strings
00:40:24 Escape Sequences
00:43:06 Formatted Strings
00:45:16 String Methods
00:51:13 Numbers
00:54:01 Working with Numbers
00:56:12 Type Conversion
01:01:18 Quiz
01:04:03 Comparison Operators
01:06:09 Conditional Statements
01:10:20 Ternary Operator
01:12:31 Logical Operators
01:16:35 Short-circuit Evaluation
01:18:44 Chaining Comparison Operators
01:20:08 Quiz
01:21:53 For Loops
01:25:32 For…Else
01:28:21 Nested Loops
01:31:07 Iterables
01:34:17 While Loops
01:39:18 Infinite Loops
01:40:57 Exercise
01:43:04 Defining Functions
01:45:30 Arguments
01:47:53 Types of Functions
01:51:57 Keyword Arguments
01:53:59 Default Arguments
01:55:36 *args
01:59:53 **args
02:02:15 Scope
02:07:26 Debugging
02:14:18 VSCode Coding Tricks (Windows)
02:16:41 VSCode Coding Tricks (Mac)
02:18:32 Exercise
02:20:03 Solution

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