React Tutorial - Learn React - React Crash Course [2019]

React Tutorial - Learn React - React Crash Course [2019]
React Tutorial with Examples - Learn React from scratch with this React Crash Course 2019.


00:00 Introduction
01:14 What is React
05:48 Setting Up the Development Environment
09:27 Your First React App
16:03 Hello World
22:26 Components
24:06 Setting Up the Project
26:15 Your First React Component
31:38 Specifying Children
35:56 Embedding Expressions
40:49 Setting Attributes
46:36 Rendering Classes Dynamically
50:57 Rendering Lists
54:58 Conditional Rendering
1:01:04 Handling Events
1:03:56 Binding Event Handlers
1:08:34 Updating the State
1:10:51 What Happens When State Changes
1:12:58 Passing Event Arguments
1:17:31 Composing Components
1:21:18 Passing Data to Components
1:24:31 Passing Children
1:27:44 Debugging React Apps
1:31:55 Props vs State
1:34:22 Raising and Handling Events
1:39:16 Updating the State
1:43:57 Single Source of Truth
1:47:55 Removing the Local State
1:54:44 Multiple Components in Sync
2:00:39 Lifting the State Up
2:06:18 Stateless Functional Components
2:08:49 Destructuring Arguments
2:10:52 Lifecycle Hooks
2:12:32 Mounting Phase
2:18:09 Updating Phase
2:22:31 Unmounting Phase

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