Progressive Web App (PWA) and the Installable Web

Progressive Web App (PWA) and the Installable Web
Progressive Web App (PWA) and the Installable Web. Learn how to create an installable web application that follows the Progressive Web App (PWA) principles

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The Web has a superpower—it’s a frictionless and federated experience, whether for search results, news articles, ride sharing, or spreadsheets. With modern, evergreen browsers, your users can accept site prompts to install web experiences to their device’s home screen or desktop.

This talk is for designers of enterprise & consumer web apps who want to understand the options for installed web experiences from browsers and the Play Store. We’ll cover when, where & how to promote web install—and, once installed, best practices for UX & measuring success in installed web apps.

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EVENT: Chrome Dev Summit 2019

SPEAKERS: PJ McLachlan, Sam Thorogood, Mukund Laddha

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